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    Resource management - why it matters for your business


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Your team are resources on projects, and managing their time and use efficiently improves project delivery. Resource management looks at project delivery from the view of optimisation and efficiency of these resources. It helps see who is under or over utilised, who can be added help speed up a project, as well as see gaps and foresee potential issues. By having a good process for analyzing your resources you can maximise your effieciency.

It's important to be efficient

Making the best use of your resources is best for your business. The company will get the optimum return on investment, and the team will benefit as well.

Your team will value having varied and fulfilling work that achieves results. An underutilized team will be less motivated - as opposed to being underutilised or overutilised and suffer burn out.

Benefits of resource management

Foresee potential issues - with knowledge of your team's upcoming capacity and how they will be used, you can see and fix gaps before they happen.

Organisation wide transparency - see which teams have time to pick up new projects and which teams have too much on.

Measure efficiency - see how your resources' time is spent, get insights into planning for future projects, and the size and scale of projects to take on.

Resource management techniques

Resource allocation is the process of looking at your available resources and determining how to complete your project in the most efficient way possible. This can be done with high level reports of current project progress, to detailed breakdown of individual resources and how they are tracking to the project milestones.

Resource scheduling means working out who needs to to what, when, and how long each component will take. When starting a project you will need to work out the people and skills required to complete it, the order the tasks will needed to get completed in, and the breakdown of time involved in each step.

Even the best laid plans go awry - and resource leveling and resource smoothing are strategies to get your projects back on track. Resource leveling looks at adjusting start and end dates to ensure projects run smoothly. Resource smoothing looks at how your resources are being used and moving them around so budgets are not exceeded.

Finally, resource forecasting predicts what your future resource requirements will be. This allows you during planning to work out what future scope, constraints and risks.

Resource management is a fun and challenging part of delivering projects. There are tools to help plan your resources well.

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