Cancel Leave

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  • Please note: Only the team member who made the leave request can cancel leave.
Cancel leave as a Team member
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  • Please note: You cannot cancel leave that is in the past. If leave wasn't taken for whatever reason, amend the users leave allowance in custom holiday allowances.

To cancel leave as a team member, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the holiday page from the main navigation.
  2. Find the leave request you wish to cancel in the my requested leave table.
  3. Click or tap the cancel button.
Dozillo Team Member Cancel Leave Screenshot
  1. You will be prompted by an alert message asking are you sure you wish to cancel this leave. Once cancelled it cannot be undone.
Dozillo Team Member Cancel Leave Warning Screenshot
  1. Click or tap the yes cancel leave button.
  2. Success! Your leave request has been cancelled and the booked time will be added back on to your holiday allowance for the associated year.