Getting started with My Tasks

My Tasks is a list of all tasks that have been assigned to across any project on the system. Tasks are ordered by due date so that you always know what tasks need completing first.

Tasks are displayed in task cards.

Dozillo My Tasks, Active Tasks Tab Screenshot

The task card displays top level information about the task, such as:

  1. The task title
  2. The client the task belongs to
  3. The project the task belongs to
  4. The date the task is due
  5. The number of outstanding sub tasks within the task. If there are no subtasks assigned the indicator will not display
  6. Remaing time budget for the task. As you log time to the task this will reduce to show you what time budget you have remaining

Clicking or tapping on a task card will expand it to reveal more details about the task.

Dozillo My Tasks, Expanded Task Card Screenshot

Within the expanded task card you will see the the following features:

  1. The task status
  2. Overview tab
  3. Timesheet tab - This only displays if the task is assigned to you.
  4. Notes - Anyone can add task notes here
  5. Sub tasks - Anyone can add sub tasks