Active Timesheets

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  • Please note: You cannot log time to completed timesheets.

On the My Timesheets page you will see an active tab (1) and completed tab (2). Under the active tab you will find any incomplete timesheets you have.

When you log the minimum amount of time required for each timesheet a complete tick (3) will appear on the right hand side of the timesheet header. Click or tap this to mark the timesheet as completed. If the minimum amount of time (4) has been logged to the timesheet (the logged time counter will go green), the system will automatically mark the timesheet as completed at the end of the current working day for you.

Dozillo Active Timesheet Screenshot

Marking a timesheet as complete (3) will move it to the completed tab on the My Timesheets page.

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  • Tip: We recommend you complete your timesheet every day as the time you log updates in real time on tasks and projects across the system. This will give you and your team better oversight on how projects are progressing and help avoid budget overruns.