Timesheet warning message


To give you an accurate account of how your tasks and projects are progressing and to allow you to accurately schedule new tasks for your team. The system needs to regularly capture time spent by your team on tasks.

If time is not logged regularly, you and your team run the risk of projects and tasks going over budget or your team members time being inaccurately scheduled.

Dozillo Timesheet Warning Message Screenshot
Why am I getting this alert?

The timesheet warning message will appear whenever you have 1 or more active timesheet that are not dated for today and do not not have the minimum time requirement logged to them.

For example if a team member hasn’t logged the minimum time requirement on yesterday's timesheet, the warning message will be displayed until yesterday's timesheet has the minimum time requirement logged to it.

The warning message will not appear if you only have today's timesheet active.

Minimum logged time requirement

The minimum time requirement is the minimum hours set on the system that each team member needs to work per day. These can be set at a system level and an individual team member level. Ask your system administrator for more details on this as it is setup and managed by your companys working time requirements.

Can I disable the message?

The timesheet warning message cannot be disabled.

This is because the warning message has been designed to help remind you and your team to keep your timesheets up to date and as accurate as possible.

Keeping your timesheets up to date is important as it will help you and your team avoid projects and tasks going over budget.